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We take your security very seriously both in terms of your personal data and credit card information.


All order payments are managed through PayPal who automatically encrypt all sensitive information to ensure it is kept private and confidential. During the payment process fraud prevention technology is used to protect customers.


By purchasing products through you agree to the above external checks being conducted to safeguard customers. If you disagree with the Security Policy please do not use


Privacy Policy

Our policy is outlined below and should you not agree with any part of our Privacy Policy please do not use the website.


First and foremost we have to store your data in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. Our aim is to only collect the personal information we require to process your order, to improve our products, service for you and subsequently maintain that data securely.


We really appreciate your support in buying products from and in order to improve the range of products, quality of items, robustness of products and all round to make it a positive user experience we will store the information you provide when ordering products from us.


This information enables us to process your orders securely, safely and in a timely manner. The products you purchase and storage of this data provide us with the ability to tailor specific special offers and promotions to you in order to focus on what you really like buying and possibly at a special offer price. We don’t want to bombard you with special offers and clog up your inbox so will only do so at regular intervals or at specific events in the Islamic calendar. Should you not wish to receive email special offers, new product launches, service bulletins, etc. from us you can choose to opt-out.


Our business is to serve you, our customers and were not in the business of selling on customer information. All data that is stored as above is purely for internal purposes to serve our customers and provide the best products and service we can.


Equally we welcome your feedback and thus will save email correspondance, suggestions, comments etc. that our customers send us. Team

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